Thursday, 26 February 2015

Guy Guide: Different Pick Up Approaches

Guys, you should always be prepared if ever a hottie happens to pass by. Whether you’re at the park, the ballgame, or at the bar, you should always have a reserved pick up line or cheesy approach. So guys, take a pick on what approach suits you best.

The Confident Approach
Being confident about yourself is one thing, approaching girls with the same manner might just do the trick. You’ve got no problem whatsoever approaching a girl, no fear whether you get dumped or not. What matters to you is that you always take a risk and hope for the best. However, if you are feeling a bit empty-handed, try these lines that suits your personality perfectly:
  • “Those pants look tight. How’d you fit in them?”- It’s a direct and cheesy line, that when delivered with proper machismo, might just get the deed done.
  • “Hi. You’re hot.”- It flatters the chic, and since it direct, you’d already established you mean business.
  • “I want to take you out to dinner. When are you free?”- As a confident guy, you always take the risk of being rejected or landing a late. This one will answer the question for you.
The Shy Guy Approach
Shy guys aren’t all that too straightforward. These guys try to find a way to let the girl notice him. It makes him less noticeable, yes, but it doesn’t totally mean he’s a snob. If ever you’d want to try this approach, find means of doing it. By means, well, try these:
  • Order a drink for her, send it through a bartender. That way, she’s obligated to notice you, or she might come closer.
  • Smile. Just a simple smile. Then, if she smiles back, try to look away for a moment then revert your eyes back to her. This is usually how boys-next-door attitude come into play.
  • Sit beside her, but don’t say anything. Rather let the moment take its toll. If all is well, try to open up with a joke, but be sure you’ve been sitting beside her for quite a while. Just to make sure you’re not a complete freak.

The Social Butterfly Approach
These guys are the ones who would go all out on the club; dance on the floor, buy the girl drinks, chat them up, the whole nine yards. They won’t care if they get the girl, all they know is they like to talk. A LOT. However, be wary of this approach since its very time consuming. Try these techniques if you are to try this approach:
  • Try to meet as many girls as possible. Out of the 20 you meet, atleast 1 of them is bound to go on a date with you.
  • Keep talking. As you talk, girls will open up to you. And the more you know about them, you’ll get a higher chance of hooking up with her.
  • Close the deal. Invite her on a date, get her number, know her last name- anything. Just to assure yourself that you’re not having a dead end here.

Knowing your style and approach beforehand gives you great advantage. Scout the place and observe your prospects by eyeing if some douche already tried a similar approach and then failed. Lastly, have fun in the dating scene!

Online Love - Getting The Right Signals

I, for one, know how to figure out how my conversation or date (online) went. I’m always spot on with these kinds of things. Either they wink at me from across the table or if they send a winking smiley face, I usually know where to put things. But, there’s this one instance with this guy. We’re passionate about the same things, we’ve both got cats we had assigned personalities to, and we’re comfortable talking about nonsense to each other.

We were a match made in heaven. We emailed for two weeks, almost every day, then suddenly… silence.

I tried to be calm, to not pursue anything that doesn’t want to be chased. I tried to held back on my urges such as, “why hasn’t he written?” or “why don’t you want me?” A week after that, my friends told me to relax and hang back. Another week after that, it became clear to me that he no longer wanted anything to do with me. It frustrated me to know that there was another woman or he lacked interest- the possibilities were endless.

After that, I decided that it had to end. My fantasy suddenly had an abrupt vanishing act to it. I decided that I don’t want to be with anyone that isn’t considerate enough to let me know he’s going away. In other words, I don’t want to be with a man who can’t be a man. But, I can’t help but wonder on what I might have missed on if the opportunity had continued to prosper.

Thank you for your online advice.